Most of Teens4PR's volunteers are second generation Puerto Rican teenagers living in the contiguous United States, but we are excited to welcome all young people who want to lend a hand, whether they are Puerto Rican or not, and whether they are teenagers, are a few years away from becoming teenagers or are a few years past their teenage years.

Our volunteers will use bake sales, raffles, lemonade stands and other such efforts to raise funds within their schools and their communities,  All of the volunteers will also share the Teens4PR online giving link through social media, to reach other audiences. In addition to fundraising for these organizations, Teen4PR volunteers plan to donate their time to these and other organizations in future visits to the island.

Teens4PR Crew (list in progress, always!)

Alexa+  New York, NY

Ana Beatriz*+  New York, NY

Asha  Brooklyn, NY

Ava  Darien, CT

Brena Westchester County, NY

Carolina+  Greenwich, CT

Christof+  New York, NY

Clara Westchester County, NY

Diego+  New York, NY

Eva+  New York, NY

Eve  Brooklyn, NY

Frances  New York, NY

Gabriela New York, NY

Giovanni+  Pelham, NY

H Skye Westchester County, NY

Isabella  Bucks County, PA

Isiah+  Tivoli, NY

John Westchester County, NY

John Henry*+  New York, NY

Juan Carlos+  Pelham, NY

Julia Westchester County, NY

Kate Westchester County, NY

Lexy Westchester County, NY

Liam Westchester County, NY

Lucas+  New York, NY

Lucas+  Pelham, NY

Luke*+  New York, NY

Margot  Darien, CT

Michael+  Irvington, NY

Naomi Westchester County, NY

Oliver+  Bethesda, MD

Ravi  Brooklyn, NY

Romina+ Brooklyn, NY

Salma*+  Brookyn, NY

Santiago*+  Brooklyn, NY

Sebastian*+  New York, NY

Sofia+  Irvington, NY

Sofia*+  New York, NY

SofĂ­a+  New York, NY

Susan  Bucks County, PA

Warren Westchester County, NY

Willa  Brooklyn, NY

Yamila*+  Brooklyn, NY

*Founding members  +Second Generation Puerto Rican