The organizations below will receive the first $15k - $5k each - collected by Teens4PR volunteers in their respective efforts to fundraise for Hurricane Maria relief in Puerto Rico. All of these organizations have deep ties to communities all across Puerto Rico. Some serve the outlying islands of Vieques and Culebra. One will focus on reforestation and sustainability, once it has completed its mission to help communities in need. Another $10k collected by a smaller group of volunteers will go to the García-Dávila Family's efforts to give one-on-one aid to families in need on the northern coast of the Island.

Teens4PR volunteers will engage in a second round of fundraising efforts in connection to the first year anniversary of the hurricanes' passage. Funds will be allocated to organizations engaged in infrastructure and ecological rebuilding.

Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico

The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico serves over 15,000 young Puerto Ricans through 11 community-based facilities throughout the island. These are being re-purposed as local service and supply centers.


Para la Naturaleza

Para la Naturaleza manages 50 natural reserves across Puerto Rico. It will beging by tending to the needs of its reserves' neighboring communities, and then focus on reforestation and sustainable rebuilding.

Centros Sor Isolina Ferré

Originally established in the now hurricane-ravaged city of Ponce, Centros Sor Isolina Ferré supports needy families through several centers across the island, tending to their social, educational and financial needs.